Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not phoning it in

I'm still amazed almost every time I take a picture with the iPhone, how nice the quality is. The color, the sharpness and even the ability to go a little macro all make the iPhone 4 so much better than any ordinary phone camera -- and many digital point and shoots. I'm still having fun with all the various apps I've been employing and I don't apologize for having this become my go-to camera of late.

Browsing on flickr

Going though other flickr users' favorites is a wonderful way to find great photographs and great photographers. I can spend hours going down the rabbit hole that is flickr, exploring images from all over the world. My own favorites section is pretty emblematic of what I like when it comes to photography: beautiful women in beautiful light, desolate landscapes, vintage cars and trucks and so forth.

If you like beautiful women, many of them nude, captured in stunning simplicity and black and white perfection, then maybe you'll enjoy the work of Jan Scholz on flickr.