Friday, March 2, 2007

Fave of the week

It's Friday. I've covered some sufficient ground this week by car, by bicycle and on foot. This is my favorite photo of the week. Maybe because I cropped it into a square so it looked "less digital." Maybe because it's depressing to walk down a back alley in a shitty March drizzle and come across a plastic Santa on top of someone's junk pile. I like depressing. Maybe because the only other real contenders this week were shot from the car and you've seen enough clouds ... and lightpoles (I haven't, yet, obviously). Merry Christmas.


Tim said...

Sadly, it appears someone has lost their Clout as well.

Kurt Schlosser said...

Ha! Yeah, I wonder whether the Clout was Santa's. And when it ran out, that's where he was banished to. Who's Santa without Clout? A fat guy with some deer.