Thursday, February 21, 2008

Giant Polaroids

It's been a while since I hung any photos anywhere. That changed last Saturday when I finally put up six great big "Polaroids" at Babalouise, a barber shop (hair salon?) on 65th in Ballard over near the Tin Hat. The prints are scanned Polaroids that I shot over the years in various places - there's one from Santa Cruz, Calif., one from Tacoma, one from Las Vegas, etc. I had them printed at Kinko's on pretty nice paper and they measure about 27" wide by 30" deep. I then had them mounted on foam core at a frame place in Ballard so they have a nice rigidity to them. They look pretty sweet and by the middle of this week I'd sold 7 of them - meaning I'm making multiple prints of some. Availability will eventually be cut off. Perhaps at 25 or so. I'm willing to make one of these prints from any of the Polaroids I have, and you can view them here on flickr. Drop me a line at if you have any questions. Or go get your hair done and check them out in person.


gravitas et nugalis said...

How much does one them suckers cost?

slosh said...

250 big ones