Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunny dispositions

I liked these two photos from downtown Seattle this weekend. I've decided that if I ever get up the nerve to take portraits of strangers, I want to do it at downtown bus stops. The greatest cast of characters assemble at the bus stops. All have a unique story, I imagine, about why they were downtown and where they're headed on the bus. The lady in red was just standing there waiting with a bunch of other people. I was able to isolate her in the frame, which I like. And I think the perspective, with the grimy black wall, makes her look small and gives the photo a downtown feel.

The person with the blankets, who I think was a woman, was seated (passed out?) on a little ledge on another street downtown. It was a gorgeous day and there were lots of teenagers wandering around down there in shorts and t-shirts. This woman was wearing a hooded coat, and she had her legs covered with what appeared to be the softest of pink blankets. It seemed a perfect contrast to the harshness of being on the street.

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