Friday, January 19, 2007

How do Polaroids look?

Just wondering. This was shot from a small, grassy spot above I-5 on Capitol Hill. I love this building, and its twin. I don't think anything special takes place inside. It's just an office building. But it sure does a fine job of catching light and making the most of it. Look for it the next time you're headed east on Denny on your way up to the Hill. It'll be on your right. That thing on the left is the Space Needle, btw. It's ok, too.


Eric Reynolds said...

That's a nice photo, but how could you love that building? It's a cipher at best, a glass menagerie at worst, and totally emblematic of Seattle's one great aesthetic shortcoming: architecture. Phooey!

Kurt Schlosser said...

I like it 'cuz it's silvery and kinda roundish. Are those architectural terms?

Anonymous said...

I used to work in that building - well, interned - back in the early '90s as it was home to 107.7 The End. Marco Collins was the music director and someone we knew in common hooked us up since I had been working in radio while in college and I knew WAY more about music than he did even though I was a ding-dong 22-year old fresh off the turnip truck. I remember playing a Flop record for him in my car and he didn't know who Rusty Willoughby even was and that should have been my signal to not take the job that was unpaid anyway. Instead, I had to clean out and organize all of the cd's that had belonged to the easy listening station that preceded Seattle's alternative rock station and listen to Marco pontificate about Flop on the air later.

So basically I sort of don't like that building too much. Even though it is very silvery and roundish and balances quite nicely next to the freeway and stuff.

Anonymous said...

i did temp work when i first moved here in that building at regence blue shield. i liked it because when i was processing files, the guy who sat in the cubicle beside me would dirty talk his girlfriend on the phone. it was quite interesting. i'll tell you more sometime...


Marco Collins said...

Wow! I worked in that building for 7 years! '91-'98! Some amazing times in that building... although I don't seem to remember Katherine... but I'm sure she imparted her expansive "music knowledge' ad nauseum. Thanks Katherine!

Some of the amazing experiences I had in that building include:

1.Courtney Love and Hole acoustic set
2. PJ Harvey's first acoustic set (she was so nervous she made her manager and label rep leave the room).
3. Fat Boy Slim doing blow at 10am in the men's bathroom so that he could record a set for a later broadcast.
4. Billy Joe and Trey from Green Day finding the secret 'fire escape" and scaling it ALL the way around the building through other people's offices!
5. Boy George sneaking around and flirting w/ my boss.
6. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani getting stoned in my office.
7. Acoustic sets that took all day to record from Modest Mouse, Sunnyday Real Estate, Death Cab For Cutie, Silkworm, Mazzy Star, Blur, Elliot Smith, Garbage, Beck, The Presidents of the USA, Jeff Buckley, Everclear, etc.

Some serious history there!

Thanks for that pic!

Mirabelle said...

People should read this.