Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Art with a view

Seattle Art Museum's new public art park opened on the waterfront last week. Needless to say, everybody and their brother and their brother's brother (with his brother's camera) was down there during our recent run of sunny weather -- including me ... and my brother. Anyway, I like the Alexander Calder Eagle. It's big and red and pops nicely with the water and mountains behind it to the west. And Richard Serra's Wake is just the coolest piece. I look forward to visiting again -- when the vegetation comes to life and the crowds die back.


vv said...

you know, you would have had lunchtime access to the Calder if you stayed at a certain place of employment with a questionable future. i can have my Boat Street Eggplant sandwich and take in the view. you should come by someday, we all miss you over at the P-I.

Mayrav said...

There's nothing lame about having a blog. Particularly not this blog. Blogger.