Thursday, February 1, 2007

It's fun to 'miss'

Posing people at parties is all fine and good for photo albums and such. But the joy of pointing and shooting without composing is once in a while you get something interesting. I just like this backyard bbq shot of Denise and Tanya and their beer cups because it's not obvious. And there was lots of talk that day with new homeowner Jill about her fruit trees.


Tim said...
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Tim said...

Yo Kurt! Welcome to the blogosphere!

I like the bite-sized entries. I'll have to bookmark you, although it's so much easier for me to wander around the subscriptions in Xanga, where I keep my blog.

Hey! That Stylus group is slacking!

Oh, I read about the SAM's art park in The Seattle Times (sorry), all while waiting (in vain?) for the Mariners to do something productive.

Anonymous said...

those damn fruit trees...i'll give you all the apples and apricots you like this guys can make baby food and i'll show you how to can it...