Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Joy of Holga

Finally got my first roll back from the experiment that is Holga. I got this camera two years ago and had never loaded film in it. I had heard about all kinds of taping needed to keep light leaks to a minimum. Other than the gigantic light leak that I caused myself by popping the back off before the roll was finished, I had no real light issues with the prints I got back. I like the blurry black corners -- and it's surprisingly sharp for a piece of plastic. A few more right here and more to come, I'm sure.


Curt said...

In college, I put plastic wrap over the enlarger lens to get a (somewhat) similar look. But the Holga is it's own thing and quite beautiful.

Tim said...

I like the ghosting around the edges. It all takes on a stark, otherworldly feel that lends additional commentary with the right subject matter.

I think I have about half a roll of film remaining in my EOS Rebel X. Probably of autumnal hikes at Oswego's Rice Creek. A fine prosumer camera it is, plus I bought a nice lens for it ... but alas, I think the camera was much smarter than its owner. And it's sort of hard to go back once you've made the switch to digital.

In case you're interested in seeing my more recent photos:

Tim said...

PS: Here's one photo near and dear to any Stylus alum's heart.