Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Up above it all

A couple constants that I love about Seattle: The Aurora Bridge and floatplanes. I like bridges. They're marvels of engineering and the Aurora Bridge just happens to be cool to look at from the neighborhood below, and when you're driving on it (i hate the sketchy center lane) it affords wonderful views of mountains to the east and west. The floatplanes are great because they always seem to be buzzing overhead, taking off from and landing on Lake Union. It's a cool reminder that we live around a lot of water. So here's today's ode to both. Oh, and read my friend Mike's piece on the P-I's Web site about Aurora jumpers. Sad.

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Tim said...

What's the floating bridge in that area? The Hood Canal Bridge or something? And didn't it sink?

Old-style bridges have such a lovely look, with all those spans and girders and symmetry. Very nice.

BTW, I presume you had nothing to do with the MSNBC gaffe where they described Oswego as being on the border of NY and Penn? (Which would be Owego.) Some people know nothing of Upstate New York. I also read the Washington Post refer to Oswego as being on the western end of Lake Ontario. Ha! We should be so fortunate!