Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Kodak's lost moments

Honestly I'm bored with certain aspects of the digital lifestyle. The immediacy is nice. The cost is nice. But I just dug through a few packs of prints from last summer, and scanned this shot from up near Banff, B.C., and it felt like old times. When it would take me all day to scan and clean up a mess of vacation prints. I haven't filled a photo album in 2 years. Everything is on the computer or some disc in a drawer. Oh well. At least you can't get your greasy fingerprints on my flickr photos.


Curt said...

Film does have its good points (more archival than digital, better tone and contrast range, large formats are just stunning) but I find that I'm loving digital more. The images are sharper, I don't have to deal with annoying dust and scratches, and I can just shoot more than I ever did with film.

Plus, I'm too lazy to scan film!

Anonymous said...

Fatherhood seems to suit you. Glad you & yours are well.

spaz said...

He's adorable